• G-man.

    1750 Sejm Results

    June 19, 2017 by G-man.

    Apologies for not benig able to attend the 1750 Sejm opening. Here are the results of the Sejm and solutions to the issues discussed.

    1. Ottoman claims to Crimea are given up and the Commonwealth withdraws its dispute to Ottoman claims in Arabia.

    2. The Commonwealth is still discussing what should be done in regards to Russia claiming Mongolia.

    3. The Commonwealth will allow the guild "The German Empire" to exist as long as they do not lay any claim to Prussia or lands controlled by the Commonwealth.

    4. Additional aid, troops, and ships will be sent to help Commonwealth protectorate, Morocco.

    5. The Commonwealth alliance with Great Britain will be reinforced and relations will continue to grow. The same goes for Austria, Morocco, and Portugal.


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  • G-man.

    Commonwealth Sejm, 1750

    June 15, 2017 by G-man.

    14 June 1750

    Royal Palace, Warsaw

    Office of the King and Grand Duke

    Let it be known that the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Sejm will officially open this Saturday, June 17th at 6:00 PM (MST).

    The following issues will be discussed and debated:

    1. Ottoman claims to the Commonwealth territory of Crimea, located in the Kiev voivodeship.
    2. Russian claims to the Mongolia voivodeship.
    3. A new TLOPO guild surfacing named "The German Empire"
    4. Sending additional aid and having an increased military presence in the Commonwealth protectorate of Morocco.
    5. A review of the Commonwealth's current alliances and international relations.
    6. The issue of disputed territory between our ally, Great Britain, and the Netherlands.
    7. The issue of piracy and the threat it poses to the Com…

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  • G-man.

    Statement on Sardinia

    July 24, 2016 by G-man.

    24 July 1749

    Royal Palace, Warsaw

    Office of the King and Grand Duke

    Since King Ishmael has decided to separate himself from the rest of the community, and proclaimed that his RP is separate from ours, we can no longer recognize him as King of Sardinia. He cannot retain the throne while he becomes a recluse. If he wants to be separated from the rest of us, then so be it.

    The Sardinian throne will not be vacant, though. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth no longer recognizes Ishmael Decksteel, but now recognizes Ned Edgewalker as King of Sardinia.

    From the Desk of the King and Grand Duke of Poland-Lithuania,

    From the Office of the Chancellor of the Crown,

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  • G-man.

    21 July 1749

    Royal Palace, Warsaw

    Office of the King and Grand Duke

    The issue of Sardinian aggression was brought up at last night's Sejm. It was discussed how our great Commonwealth should deal with this threat. The Sejm unanimously decided to face the Pagan King head on and declare war on Sardinia.

    King Ishmael has openly worshiped pagan gods, tortured his people, and been excommunicated by His Holiness himself. It is our duty as Christians and morally-minded people to do everything we can to liberate the people of Sardinia from this menace. No longer shall they suffer under the rule of Ishmael Emmanuel III.

    The people of Sardinia aren't the only ones to suffer, though. Ishmael has claimed all of the Italian states for himself. In doing so, h…

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  • G-man.

    20 July 1749

    Royal Palace, Warsaw

    Office of the King and Grand Duke

    Tonight, the sejm of our Commonwealth will open. We have a wide variety of topics to discuss and vote on, as it has been a while since our last session. All are welcome to attend in the Royal Palace of Warsaw, but only those in the Senat and Sejm proper will be able to vote. 

    Voting will occur after the State Opening tonight. Let all members of the Sejm be reminded that the era of unanimous voting is over, and the right to liberum veto has been revoked. All votes will pass via a majority, no one person can end this session of the Sejm.

    From the desk of the King and Grand Duke of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth,

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  • G-man.

    Clean Slate

    February 21, 2016 by G-man.

    From the desk of Augustus III, King and Grand Duke of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth,

    Effective February 21st, 1749, there will be a large removal of government officials. This purge of officials is not limited to Poland and Lithuania, it will include all territories held by myself, Augustus III. This includes nations such as Prussia and Japan. Just a reminder that this removal includes governors, ministers, and many more ranks and positions. This clean up is occuring because many territories still have officials prior to the region's annexation by the Commonwealth.

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  • G-man.

    Commonwealth Election

    January 25, 2016 by G-man.

    Ƭнє Ƥσℓιѕн-Lιтнυαηιαη Ƈσммσηωєαℓтн ωιℓℓ вє нσℓ∂ιηg αη єℓєcтιση тσ ∂єтєямιηє тнє ηαтιση'ѕ Ƙιηg αη∂ Ɠяαη∂ Ɗυкє, αѕ ιт ιѕ αη єℓєcтινє мσηαяcну. Ƈαη∂ι∂αтєѕ ωιℓℓ ∂єcℓαяє тнєιя cαη∂ι∂αcу ιммє∂ιαтєℓу. Aℓℓ cαη∂ι∂αтєѕ тнαт ωιѕн тσ яυη мυѕт ∂єcℓαяє тнєιя cαη∂ι∂αcу ву Jαηυαяу 28. Ƭнє ρяιмαяу ωιℓℓ вєgιη Ƒєвяυαяу 1ѕт, αη∂ єη∂ Ƒєвяυαяу 10тн. Ƭнє gєηєяαℓ єℓєcтιση ωιℓℓ вєgιη Ƒєвяυαяу 11тн, αη∂ єη∂ ση Ƒєвяυαяу 18тн.

    Ɗєвαтєѕ αяє ѕcнє∂υℓє∂ ƒσя Ƒєвяυαяу 1ѕт, Ƒєвяυαяу 9тн, αη∂ Ƒєвяυαяу 16тн. Ƭнє ℓαѕт ∂євαтє ωιℓℓ вє ƒσя тнє тσρ тωσ cαη∂ι∂αтєѕ σηℓу.

    • Ƒяєɗєяιcк Aυgυѕт ǀǀ (Aυgυѕтυѕ ǀǀǀ)

    • Rσѕє Ɓєcкєтт

    • SαмυєƖ ƊαякωαƖкєя

    • Ƒяαηcιѕcσ ∂є Ɓαяcєℓσηα

    • Hαηηαн Ɓℓυєƒєαтнєя

    • Jєяємιαн Ɠαяℓαη∂

    • ƁℓαcкƁєηє∂ιcт

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